GoSolar Concepts


Fixed Sunfuel Station 2020

With its sleek design and modern engineering, these 4-car units can be constructed in record time with zero loss of parking spaces. Each unit can produce more than 100kWh per day. and is a great asset to large parking lots, ports, and fleets.


Mobile Sunfuel Station 2020

The mobile version of our Sunfuel Station; no disruptive construction or permits required. This unit is perfect for fleets, workplaces, municipals, or remote charging locations. 


Large Scale Solar Arrays

Our developers are always forward thinking when designing large scale solar arrays with a variety of innovative ideas depending on your needs.


Floating Solar Arrays

Floating solar creates benefits for the aquatic ecosystem and creates a new source of income for the property owner.


Vertical Solar / Dual Harvest

Vertical bi-facial solar modules are a new innovation that allow for dual harvesting- the simultaneous production of crops and solar power.


Solar Noise Reduction Wall

Fixed tilt wall of solar panels that pays for itself through the energy it produces, and benefits the environment and people near highways by reducing noise pollution.